In the race to Escape Quarantine...

 … you will act as the CDC, steal supplies, work from home, homeschool your friends, and discover that toilet paper is quite rare. Play cards against opponents to extend their quarantine while you work to get out of yours. 

What type of game is it?

It’s a simple card game.

How many people can play it at a time?

As little as two, but I think 8-10 would be pushing it.

Is there an online version?

Once I teach myself to mobile code apps, raise some funds, hire a few developers, set up a central server, and launch a few beta tests, it will be ready.

Why does the Trump Card reference a, "Fake News" card.

At the very last minute, the “Fake News” card was pulled from the deck because it was too complicated. Depending on how this version of the game works, the “Fake news” card may be reintroduced at a later date. 

Are you planning on making different versions of the game?

Different or future versions of the game will be based on the feedback that I get about this one. So all I can say right now is, “definitely, maybe.”

How do you play it?


 The object of the game is to be the first to eliminate your cards and Escape Quarantine. The Director of Quarantine shuffles the deck, distributes seven cards to each player, and goes first by discarding any day-of-the-week-card.


 The next player has a few options when it comes to discarding.

Option 1. They can discard a card that has the same day.

 Option 2. They can match the picture on the card.

 Option 3. They can put down a wild card.

 (When discarding a wild card, place it in such a way so you can still see what day it is.)

 Option 4. They can start the next day of the week


 Stacking is a way to get rid of cards quickly.

 For example, if the topmost card in the discard pile is a Monday. You can place all of your Monday cards on top of it.

You can also stack any card that matches the picture of the most recently discarded card.

Keep in mind that only the topmost card instructions are followed, and you can not stack cards when you start a new day or complete a Home School Assignment.

When You Don’t Have A Card To Play

 If you do not have a card to place in the discard pile, you must draw a new card from the deck; your turn has ended. If you happen to draw the card that you needed, you still don’t get to discard it. Ths is quarantine, you are not rewarded for being ill-prepared.

What is included in the game?

There are 89 playing cards in a deck. Each card has multiple copies that correspond to the days of the week. 

There are 16 Different types of playing cards.
6 Different types of “Supply” cards
6 Different types of “Action” cards
4 Different types of wild cards

The deck also includes:
2 Instruction Cards
2 “Example Cards”

What are "Example Cards?"

There are three cards that come with one or more example cards.

The CDC card, The Home School Card, and Binge Watch Card.

The CDC card requires a player to make up a rule for all players to follow during the game. If someone breaks that rule, Including you, they must draw a card from the deck. To help you think of some rules I have included a few example rules that you can use to get started. 

The Home School card allows you to assign players with a question or challenge. A few example questions and challenges have been provided in the event that you draw a blank. 

Lastly, the Binge Watch suggests that everyone names titles in a particular category or movie or TV show. However, you don’t always have to pick a movie category; you can pick any category that you think the group knows. The example card for the Binge Watch card includes a few categories to help get you going. 

In The Beginning....

In March, this game was just a concept bouncing around in my head. In April, I developed the cards and game logic using a sharpie, a stack of index cards, and Microsoft Excel. By June, I cut piles of games out by hand and distributed them to friends who wanted to try it out. The first 'professional' version of the game was printed in August.

Without the feedback of my friends and family, I would never have moved passed the prototype phase. I am still looking to refine this game even more, so feedback is always welcome.

With so many Americans out of work, we felt it was essential to keep the game's manufacturing in the United States. After reviewing several bids from printing companies. We decided ultimately to go with the company that had the best mix of quality and price, and as it turns out, they are located in Orlando, Florida, so it turned out to be a straightforward decision.

Do you have any questions, comments, or feedback? We’d love to hear from you. 

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